SPC Fitness Technology
Man uses SPC Fitness Workout Igniter during workout exercise.

SPC FITNESS TECHNOLOGY – Bringing The Future Of Fitness

SPC’s Workout Igniter is designed to transform the way fitness professionals and newcomers approach training

SPC Fitness Technology brings a new perspective to the fitness industry – a perspective that enables people of all experience and backgrounds to train like fitness professionals. SPC Fitness does this by collecting complex training physics data through our AI fitness devices – the Workout Igniter – and making that data simple and easy to understand for everyone.

We’ve invented the Workout Igniter to bring new training insight for people looking for guidance. SPC’s training insights work for improvement in your performance/appearance, maintaining your health and to keep you safe from injury. We do this by tracking 6 main metrics and streaming the data from our devices directly to your phone through our Igniter app.

Workout Igniter AI Fitness Device
  • Power Output
  • Movement Patterns
  • Exertion Levels
  • Speed
  • Workout Volume
  • Average rest time

All provided in an accessible, affordable and accurate way.

Our Workout Igniter fitness devices are designed and used by – not just top level coaches, athletes and fitness influencers – but also people who just want to look, feel and do better in the gym and in their everyday life.